One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville
Male student reads from Bible during chapel



The University emphasizes faithfulness to a biblical-theological position in regard to doctrine. Each faculty member and employee (full-time and part-time) is required to sign initially, 此后每年一次, 以下的教义声明 作为雇佣条件. The members of the Board of Trustees confirm their commitment to the University’s theological foundation by signing the statement annually also.

  1. 我们相信 that God has revealed Himself truthfully to 人类 through the inspired texts of the Scriptures. 这些经典文本, 旧约和新约, 是绝对正确的, 绝无错误的, and reliable in detail and in theological content. 《沙巴体育》, 作为神充分的话语, has authority over the church and the Christian's life and thought. 作为神圣的启示文本, the meaning of the biblical authors is to be discerned through careful, textual interpretation guided by the Spirit. 哥林多前书2:10-14; 提摩太后书3:16,17; 彼得后书1:19-21.
  2. 我们相信一位神——永恒的神, 全能的, 无所不知的, 永远存在, 以三位一体存在-父亲, 儿子, 和精神, 自然界中的一个, 属性, 权力, 和荣耀. God will be glorified by all creation and is worthy of worship from all 人类. 创世记1:1,26; 诗篇104, 148; 箴言30:4; 马太福音28:19; 马克29; 约翰1:1-4, 14, 18; 徒5:3,4; 哥林多后书13:14; 提摩太前书2:3-4.
  3. 我们相信圣子, 永远由天父所生, through the Spirit was also born of the virgin, 玛丽. Therefore, Jesus, the 儿子, is both fully God and fully human. As the Word made flesh, the 儿子 is the perfect mediator between God and 人类. 箴言8:22-31; 以赛亚书7:14); 马修1:18 - 25; 路加福音1:26-35; 约翰1:14-18, 5:16-29; 腓立比书2:6-11; 提摩太前书2:5-6; 希伯来书1:1-14.
  4. 我们相信 that the Scriptures provide a literal and historical account of God’s creation of all things. The climax of the six 24-hour days of creation was the special, immediate and personal creation of human life. The first 人类, Adam and Eve, were directly created, not evolved from previous life forms. God created 人类, male and female, in His image. Human life, sexual identity and roles are aspects of God’s creative design. From creation, marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman that should be marked by sexual purity, 牺牲男性领导, and by recognizing the divine blessing of children, 包括早产儿. Adam and Eve, though created in perfection, sinned, warranting physical death, spiritual death, and eternal separation from God. 因此, all human beings are born with a sinful nature, 在思想上都是罪人, 词, 的契约. 创世纪1:1-27; 2:7-25; 3:1-24; 诗篇127:3-5; 罗马人1:18-32; 3:10-19; 5:12-19; 以弗所书5:22-33; 《沙巴体育》3:18-19.
  5. 我们相信 that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures as the representative and substitutionary sacrifice and rose again for our justification. Only those who repent and believe in Him are justified on the grounds of His shed blood and are saved by grace through faith wholly apart from human merit and works. 真正的信徒, 的选举, are the adopted children of God and are eternally secure through the work of God. 约翰1:12,13; 3:3-16; 5:24; 10:28,29; 徒13:39; 16:31; 罗马人3:21-28; 以弗所书1:3-14; 2:8-10; 腓立比书1:6; 提喻; 彼得前书1:23; 彼得后书1:4-11.
  6. 我们相信 that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person, equal in nature with God the Father and God the 儿子. The Spirit had an active role in creation and in the inspiration of the Scriptures. He convicts sinners, guides 人类 into truth and regenerates believers to new life, baptizes them in Christ and serves as their assurance to eternal life. Believers mature in their faith through the work of the Spirit, who produces His fruit in them. The gifts of the Spirit are for ministry to the body of Christ and the "sign gifts" are not intended to be a pattern for today. ; 约翰十四16,17; 16:13,14; 罗马书8:9; 哥林多前书6:19; 12:8-10, 28-30; 14:1-40; 就是; 希伯来书2:3-4.
  7. 我们相信 that the local church is a gathered congregation of believers, 契约联系, 练习自治, and observing the ordinances of believer’s baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper. 教会要委身 to the authority of the Word of God in matters of doctrine and practice. God calls certain men to be pastors, providing spiritual leadership for the church. Deacons, likewise, minister to the church body through specific acts of service. 我们相信 that the universal church consists of all who have saving faith in Christ. As the body of Christ, the church is to fulfill His mission of making disciples throughout the world. 马修18:15-17; 28:18-20; 哥林多前书1:2; 12:12-28; 7:17; 11:16; 以弗所书1:22-23; 2:14,15; 4:11-16; 5:23-32; 提摩太前书2:12; 3:1-15.
  8. 我们相信 that every believer should walk by the Spirit and engage in practices that stimulate spiritual maturity. 基督徒 grow as they worship and serve the Lord, 研读圣经, 祈祷, and live in fellowship with other believers. 基督徒 are also to flee evil influences and practices, which hinder a Spirit-filled life. Due to the commission of Christ and the urgency of the gospel, all believers are to engage in gospel conversations, 过荣耀神的生活, 不断地工作 to spread the gospel to their neighbors and the nations. 马太福音5:16; 28:19-20; 马克已经售完; 约翰17:18; 20:21; 使徒行传一章8节的; 罗马人6:1-14; 12:1; 哥林多后书5:20; 6:14-7:1; 加拉太书5:16-25; 《沙巴体育》3:1-17; 詹姆斯4:4; 约翰一书2:15-17.
  9. 我们相信字面意思, bodily resurrection of the crucified Lord, 他升天了, His present life there as our high priest and advocate, and His rapture of the church before the tribulation. He will return bodily and visibly to the earth at the end of the tribulation to establish His millennial kingdom, and to reign as the supreme Lord over all nations. 路加福音24:36-43; 约翰14:1-6; 20:24-29; 徒1:9-11; 哥林多前书15:12-58; 帖撒罗尼迦前书4:13-18; 5:1-11; 启示1:4-7; 19:11-16; 20:6.
  10. 我们相信 in the bodily resurrection and judgment of all the dead. Those people who are in Christ will be saved to a life of eternal glory with God. Unbelievers will suffer judgment and eternal punishment in the lake of fire. 太10:28; 18:8,9; 25:41,46; 马克9:43-49; 约翰28,29; 帖撒罗尼迦后书1:6-9; 启20:6,11-15; 21:1-8.


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